A Great Future for the Bright and Agile Network Planners

Bernie Baldwin

Although exceptionally difficult to realize given the current situation we are in, there will soon be plenty of opportunities for airlines. From the reduced networks where we are today, markets will grow immensely in the next 2 years.

While some players are paralyzed, others like VivaAerobus in Mexico and Volotea in Europe are already taking advantage of the situation.

If we look at the Mexican Market, we can see how the very agile VivaAerobus management team and to some extent, its rival Volaris, have taken on a market opportunity left by a weakening competitive landscape. An almost gone Interjet and a slower while restructuring AeroMexico, have left a reasonable market opportunity for them. VivaAerobus has recently announced they will operate in November, 100% of the capacity they operated during the same month last year.

Another airline that is moving at high-speed in Europe is Volotea, an airline that has quickly shifted its focus from international to domestic markets, those that are recovering faster. There will be plenty of opportunities in the next couple of years, but it takes a very agile management team like VivaAerobus and Volotea’s to take on them.

Javier Suarez,

Founding Partner

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