A renewed travel experience at Helsinki airport

Bernie Baldwin

Finavia’s development programme at Helsinki Airport has focused on positioning Helsinki Airport services and passenger comfort to be among the best in the world.

The Finnish airport company Finavia, which manages and develops 20 airports in Finland, now has an even shinier crown jewel. Finland’s biggest airport, Helsinki Airport, will offer passengers a renewed travel experience under one roof. This summer, all check-in and baggage services will be centralised under the wooden ceiling of the new terminal extension at Helsinki Airport, opened in December 2021. Travel will become smoother; passengers will no longer need to think about which terminal they will depart from or arrive at. The distance from the terminal’s main door to the nearest departure gate will be just under 200 metres in a spacious departure gate area.

Arriving at and departing from the airport is now very easy for passengers, airport staff and airline crew. The bus, taxi and train stations and the new parking building are located right next to the new terminal. The terminal also has numerous new restaurants, cafes and retail services, not to mention services necessary for travel like currency exchange.

“We have invested not only in streamlining transfer travelling, but also in the comprehensive development of the customer experience. Transferring all flights under one roof and opening of the new, advanced security control are an important part of our service reform,” says Henri Hansson, Senior Vice-President, Airport Infrastructure, Sustainability, Safety, Security & Compliance at Finavia.

New technology smooths the passenger journey at the airport

As part of the airport development programme, Finavia has acquired state-of-the-art technology for the new security control. Thanks to the new scanning and liquid analysis equipment, passengers will no longer have to remove electronics and liquids from their hand baggage.

Doubling the capacity will speed up the service at security control, as will the new automated lines. The new spacious premises of the security control enable passengers to take the time they need to prepare and pack their luggage.

“At Finavia, attention has also been paid to the travel experience at the planning phase. For example, we have chosen a blue colour scheme for our security control, because studies show that blue lowers stress levels,” explains Hansson.

Security checks for staff and crew will become smoother when the new security lines dedicated to them are put into use. After that, there are different security lines for passengers and staff.

Smooth travelling to popular destinations

Helsinki Airport celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, which makes this a good time to make the historic change. “We are happy to be able to turn over a new leaf towards the airport’s future. We have welcomed several new airlines to Helsinki Airport this summer season and celebrated many route openings to great destinations around the world. One of the latest new routes is Dallas; other long-haul destinations are opening this summer,” reports Petri Vuori, Finavia’s Senior Vice-President, Sales and Route Development.

The renewed travel experience is ready right on time for summer season.

“We are looking forward to passenger travel fully recovering. Finavia is ready, and so is our Helsinki Airport,” Vuori declares.

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