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Find out how Airiane is simplifying route network promotion through internet services, customer relationships and intelligent data collection.

Airiane is a technological and marketing platform dedicated to the online performance of airports and airlines. The company, located in the south France, develops ecommerce/etravel solutions to boost sales and engage customer loyalty while bringing useful data and real time insights for route development. The team, composed of IT professionals, web marketers and air transportation specialists, recently released a new ecocriteria on its market place, Aeroports Voyages, to help airlines and airports value their efforts towards greener aviation. The aim is to showcase criteria on which the industry has a grip, such as cleaner aircraft types, carbon compensation schemes, use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), rather than just calculating kilos and tons of CO2 released per flight. Even ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme has been taken into account per route in the algorithm. This optional new ecocriterion can be displayed by the Airiane Airport Dynamic Schedules Solution.

Airiane Airport Dynamic Schedules and Airiane Airport Affiliation provide a service to users which is useful for developing route promotion, sales and revenue, while nourishing customer behaviour data.

The Airiane booking service is ranked Excellent by Trustpilot. It’s simply the best ranking for a flight search and booking engine on the French market, taking into consideration the overall notation and the number of verified customers feedback collected. Customers’ attention is top priority. This commitment has been highly appreciated by airport partners while pushing through the strong Covid turbulence in the market since 2020. During that period, Airiane kept developing its market place, adding destination pages including constantly updated accessibility information.

You can have a glimpse at those services integrated in the CONNECT Tangier 2023 “Getting There” page. Handy tools are there to help attendees plan their trip to Morocco in February.

Airport Data Management Platform is another Airiane cloud service. The platform helps in securing and processing customer data together with automating customer relations throughout the entire passenger journey, in compliance with GDPR rules. Each airport has its own private data secured on a ‘French cloud’. This service has been designed to fit all airport sizes, with no specifics skills required.

Airiane Airport Media provides custommade campaigns through a specific digital platform plugged to major acquisition channels such as Facebook and Google. This strengthens branding, internet ranking and direct sales on flight routes. Airlines and airports can already use this efficient service on the Frenchspeaking market.
Airiane packaged solutions have already been adopted by more than 30 partners. The company will be presenting as partner and exhibitor its exclusive offers to airline and airport managers at CONNECT Tangier 2023.

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