Bargain GSE equipment offered by TCR

Bernie Baldwin

With competition growing ever stronger in airport ground handling, TCR arrived at CONNECT 2020 with a solution for all those operating in the sector whose budgets are getting tighter.

The self-proclaimed “largest GSE (ground support equipment) renting company in the world” – with customers at more than 150 airports – is now selling refurbished GSE. “The cycle of leasing GSE is going well at present, so we’re selling equipment that’s coming back off lease,” explains Petru Ilie, TCR’s remarketing manager, 2nd hand GSE equipment.

“There are four levels of refurbishment, rising from Safe Operational Function (SOF) up through Bronze (SOF plus spot painting), Silver (as Bronze but with side panel contour painting) and finally Gold (SOF plus full painting),” Ilie remarks. “Also, buyers will receive the full history of each piece of equipment.”

The remarketing manager believes that the package will be very attractive for users which have the aforementioned pressures on their budgets. It’s a strong alternative to investing in brand-new GSE.

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