CONNECT Aviation Announces Tampere at 2022 Host City

Press Release: CONNECT announces Tampere, Finland as 2022 Host City

Lucie Barthe

CONNECT Aviation Announces Tampere at 2022 Host City

The Airport Agency is delighted to announce that the 18th CONNECT Route Development Forum will be hosted by Business Tampere, from Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th February 2022. Supporting the aviation industry for the past 17 years, the first and much awaited face-to-face event of 2022 is set to help drive the recovery process of the aviation industry.

Set between two lakes, Tampere is a scenic, compact and innovative city which will offer a unique CONNECT experience. Following the past two events taking place by the Mediterranean, CONNECT now embarks on a magical winter journey where frozen lakes, snow-covered forests and the aurora borealis await attendees.

“We are very pleased to host the CONNECT Route Development Forum in Tampere next year. The event will take place in mid-winter and the theme will be CONNECT with ice,” said Marja Aalto, Senior Specialist Aviation at Visit Tampere. “The effects of the pandemic have touched us all, but it is now finally time to get together. Tampere offers excellent facilities for a safe and enjoyable event. Here, the lakeside starts from the city centre, and so do the forests: fresh air and nature await you. In Tampere, we focus on sustainability and aim to be a carbon-neutral city by 2030. Safety is our priority and we are working hard to ensure the best conditions for our guests. Tampere is a city where everything is within walking distance and in the wintertime, you can even walk on the frozen surrounding lakes. Tampere is also the Sauna Capital of the World with over 50 public saunas in the region. Welcome to Tampere!”

Karin Butot, Chief Executive Officer of CONNECT Route Development Forum, commented, “We are delighted to be working alongside Tampere to deliver a very special winter themed event for all our participants who will be able to reconnect with their colleagues and also connect with nature. Following COVID’s devastating impact, our forum offers an invaluable platform to network and build back the industry. It is set to bring together more than 600 airlines, airports, and tourism decision-makers to discuss current and future air transport links. More than ever, the pandemic has revealed the need for human contact and the value of physical events. We look forward to bringing the industry back together in true CONNECT spirit.”

The event will be supported by the Official Carrier, airBaltic. “airBaltic is one of the largest carriers in the region and we are thrilled to become an official partner of CONNECT Route Development Forum. The aviation industry will be the driver for restoring physical ties between people across the world. CONNECT will be the place for professionals to discuss the safest, most efficient and sustainable way to restore travel,” remarked Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic.

Now in its 18th year, CONNECT is a must-attend event for the aviation industry. In the upcoming years, CONNECT will carry on supporting the aviation industry by providing a safe and productive environment for its community to rebuild their network, rethink their strategy, and meet again in breathtaking destinations.


CONNECT is an established route development event that works for airlines, airports, tourism bodies, and industry suppliers. The forum will be the focus for air service development and rebuilding, welcoming delegates for:

  • Unlimited face-to-face meetings, managed in the Delegate Account by delegates themselves prior to the event
  • A diverse conference programme, with industry and airline briefings as well as panel discussions
  • A social networking programme including evening functions, morning activities and excursions

Taking place over 3 days, the event will bring together key figures from the industry to discuss and debate current and future aviation issues in a series of head-to-head interviews, keynote speeches, industry seminars and round table discussions.


Tampere is the most loved city in Finland. The city is defined by some unique characteristics: it is surrounded by beautiful lakes and eskers, it has a perfect scale for walking and there’s always something new and innovative going on.

Tampere is also the industrial capital of Finland and known as the city of technology. For example, the knowledge around ICT and mobile technology competence is particularly strong and springs from the country’s Nokia heritage. Sustainability is visible in all of the city’s actions; Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by year 2030.

As the Sauna Capital of the World, Tampere and its region has over 50 public saunas for anyone to relax in, throughout the year. The city has hosted thousands of significant events, meetings and congresses during the last 20 years. It is full of festivals, theatres, museums and high quality restaurants.

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