GE’s Health Application ID to facilitate more passenger flying

Bernie Baldwin

Building the trust and confidence needed to get airports back to work and people flying again.

With COVID-19 related safety concerns likely to be a long-term issue in the aviation industry, GE Aviation has launched a new health credential application called Health Application ID, specifically to address those concerns. According to GE, the solution focuses on three important areas:

  • Employee control – screening workers to facilitate a safe return to the workplace
  • Passenger control – screening passengers for responsible and safe aircraft occupancy
  • Object control – clearing objects onboard aircraft and disinfection to improve customer trust and confidence that their safety comes first

Enabled by Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform, Health Application ID is already available and demonstrations are being given for airlines, airports and industry groups.

The solution enables airlines, airports and related transportation operation areas to set test result protocols and check compliance to new COVID-19 medical screening for employees and passengers. Personal information and test results are protected by encryption and access is solely controlled by designated airline employees as well as passengers.

Moreover, Health Application ID is flexible and medical-test agnostic, which enables airlines to adapt as regulation and science evolves, says GE, adding: “By providing this application to airlines, more people can start to fly, and the industry can start to rebuild.”

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